Monday, April 7, 2008

Arc Flash Calculator now available online

We have developed an easy-to-use and comprehensive free online tool for calculating arc incident energy, flash protection boundary and risk category required by NEC and CEC when work is to be performed on or near the energized equipment. The calculator takes equipment configuration, gap between electrodes, grounding type, short circuit fault current value and system voltage on input, determines arcing fault current, calculates incident energy, flash protection boundary, hazard / risk level at the potential point of fault and creates detailed warning label.

Error propagation analysis - very important but widely ignored issue,

The ArcAd tool performs more than just tedious calculations. We have implemented a parameter of tolerances to our service, which has an effect on final results within the analysis. Many other procedures do not take into account room for error, which can distort final values. A lack of understanding of basic error analysis has led some very bright scientists and engineers to make some incredible blunders. ArcAd's short circuit online calculator features input data analysis and hard coded error propagation rules ensuring that the results are not more precise than justified by the accuracy of input data.

Typical commercial software has more interfaces and graphic content, which make them more appealing and expensive. ArcAd's on-line tool is user friendly, performs error propagation analysis - very important but widely ignored issue, and is offered at a reasonable price. We strongly believe that if a resulting margin of error can't be quantified, then it's not engineering, but only a guess. As far as we are aware, none of the available competing products performs proper error analysis. It wouldn't be a problem if most accurate system equipment data were available. Experience shows that by far most real world studies are built upon approximate and therefore more or less accurate input data. The concept of precision is very important indeed and can impact results in surprising ways.

What are the major service benefits for the consumer offered by ArcAd ?

We offer online tool for fault current analysis. As far as we are aware, none of the competition offers similar service online. Advantages include:

* Input data error propagation analysis
* No need for software installation
* No risk associated with virus threat
* System can be accessed, operated and shared from anywhere, anytime, on any platform connected to the Internet
* Access to most recent services and updates
* Most competitive price in the industry
* Routine data backup

What services do you offer?

We help facilities create safer working environments for individuals who service electrical systems by providing novel on-line and PC based tools for short circuit and arc flash hazard analysis. Our service includes resources and tools allowing you to perform the analysis yourself. In addition, we are committed to 24 hour technical support and immediate project assistance.