Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Issue #9 - new in AFA v5.0 software for arc flash analysis

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Issue #9 - new in AFA v5.0 software for arc flash analysis 
Dear Michael,

Arc Flash Newsletter is a quick update on arc flash issues and ARCAD solutions addressing these issues. Visit us at for complete product offerings including free online arc flash calculator, and PC-based software solutions for arc flash and short circuit analysis and labeling.
AFA V5.0 - new features just added
1. Circuit protection device filter was implemented in main program screen by make it easier locating the upstream protection device by manufacturer name and/or product series.
2. Fuse and circuit breaker dialogs were restructured to portray both built-in and customer specific circuit protection devices. You can now click on column headers to sort the devices by source (built-in or added), make, series, current, voltage or I.R. rating.

3. Label list was restructured to let you sorting by label size, heading type and text color by clicking on the respective column header.

4. Fuse and circuit breaker libraries were populated with more low and  medium voltage protection devices.

You can use your existing AFA V5.0 registration credentials to activate the program. Own an older version of Arc Flash Analytic and would like to update to the newest AFA V5.0? Call us to qualify for $100.00 discount off the advertised AFA V5.0 price of $290.00. Have any suggestion on how to improve AFA V5.0? Let us know.

Download the new AFA V5.0.3
Arc Flash Data Collection Form
Subject to the selected calculation method, different equipment data is required for an arc flash hazard analysis. We recommend using the IEEE 1584 empirically derived model for arc flash study due to the method's ability to accurately account for a wide variety of setup parameters.

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More ARCAD INC. Label Printing Services Available
Have done arc flash hazard analysis and stored the results in tabulated text or XLS spreadsheet format? We can use your report file to pull out the data and generate customized arc flash warning labels in a variety of electronic formats and sizes. Send us your list and let us know label requirements (material, size, language, etc). We will create free a sample label meeting your special requirements and send it to you by email attachment for your approval along with job quotation. 

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- Michael Furtak, C.E.T.

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