Thursday, November 22, 2012

Issue #11 - ARCAD's Webinar Tuesdays

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Issue #11 New Short Circuit Analytic Software 
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Arc Flash Newsletter is a quick update on arc flash issues and ARCAD solutions addressing these issues. This newsletter is free and will bring you up to date on the issues that surround arc flash. Visit us at for complete product offerings including free online arc flash, short circuit calculators, and PC-based software solutions for arc flash hazard analysis and labeling.
ARCAD, INC. announces beta release of new short circuit calculations software. We look forward to hear from you sharing with us your experience working with the new program solution before the official Short-Circuit-Analytic (SCA V1.0) software release. We will attend to and implement the best of your suggestions. Also, we will offer a special discount to everyone contributing his/her time and effort reviewing SCA V1.0 functions and capabilities, sharing his/her observations with us and helping us to make Short-Circuit-Analytic a success story.

ARCAD INC Introduces "Webinar Tuesdays
We are very excited to offer free online seminars providing you and your company with education and information on ARCAD software and services for arc flash analysis and labeling. For a limited time, ARCAD webinars are offered for free.

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More ARCAD INC. Label Printing Services Available

Have done arc flash hazard analysis and stored the results in tabulated text or XLS spreadsheet format? We can use your report file to pull out the data and generate customized arc flash warning labels in a variety of electronic formats and sizes. Send us your list and let us know label requirements ( material, size, language, etc). We will create free sample label meeting your special requirements and send it to you for your approval along with job quotation.  


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- Michael Furtak, C.E.T.

President & Founder

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Purchase any of the ARCAD Arc Flash Analytic software packages and get one month access to ARCAD Online Short Circuit Calculator for FREE!





Offer Expires: Dec 30 2012

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