Thursday, October 31, 2013

Product Release - Arc Flash Analytic software for iOS

November 1, 2013
For Immediate Release
Contact: Michael Furtak, C.E.T.

Arc Flash Analytic for iOS   

The new Arc Flash Analysis and Labeling Software

for iOS operating systems by Apple Inc. is now available. 

TORONTO, ON - ARCAD INC. announces the release of Arc Flash Analytic version 1.0 (iAFA V1.0) software program for iPhones, iPods and iPads.
arc flash for ios main screenarc flash for ios data entry screen

iAFA V1.0 Features and Capabilities
  • Detailed analysis using the IEEE 1584 equations and the Lee method
  • Ensure compliance with NEC, OSHA, NFPA 70E, IEEE P1584 and CSA Z462 standards and regulations  
  • Collect information, take photos of switchgear, MCC's, etc. during field walk-downs  
  • Instantly determine arcing current, incident energy, arc flash, limited, restricted and prohibited shock approach boundaries, hazard risk category, typical clothing system
  • Create warning labels in English and a variety of international languages
  • Preview, save arc flash labels in high resolution graphic format  
  • Save input configuration, protection device information, equipment image
  • Perform analysis using metric, imperial units   
  • Send extended report including equipment data, calculation results, warning label  
  • Download and use iAFA V1.0 on your iPhone, iPod, iPad for FREE*.  
iAFA V1.0 comes accompanied built-in protection device library. The program will automatically determine arc duration based on predicted arcing current value and  selected protective device type and rating. With iAFA V1.0 you can also add custom protection devices and manually specify arc duration. All future updates to iAFA V1.0 will be provided to you FREE of charge.

More information about iAFA V1.0 is available on this page: 
ARCAD INC. located in Toronto, Canada helps facilities create safer working environments for individuals who service electrical systems by providing on-line and stand-alone software resources for short circuit, arc flash hazard analysis and labeling. Visit us at
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* certain restrictions apply


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