Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ARCAD counter-terrorism efforts

ARCAD INC. pledges its total solidarity and support to the government of Ukraine and Ukrainian nation in the current war against Russia-led and Russia-sponsored terrorism in Eastern Ukraine.

ARCAD INC. has also issued financial aid to Volunteers’ Hundred, the volunteers organization helping Ukrainian army soldiers wounded in the Anti-Terrorism Operation (ATO) zone and providing support to refugees from Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. A major part of the organization's efforts go towards providing  medical supplies for the Army Hospital in Kyiv as well as hospitals in the ATO zone. Volunteers’ Hundred also helps with sending wounded warriors to receive necessary treatment abroad. They publish extensive photo reports and information on needs on the organization FB page Volunteers’ Hundred is collaborating with the Canada Ukraine Foundation in Canada and Ukrainian Foundation of America.

ARCAD INC. has recently donated funds to Army SOS, the group of activists supporting Ukrainian army forces in front of the Russian aggression by providing direct supply of required military goods for the Ukrainian soldiers.

ARCAD INC. has committed donating all the company proceeds for the month of July 2014 towards the fight against terrorism in Ukraine. You can contribute to the cause by making donation to trusted funds and groups or by purchasing ARCAD's short circuit, arc flash analysis and labeling software programs and mobile apps. We encourage you sharing the message with your friends and colleagues to get the word out about the plight of Ukrainian people and ARCAD's fundraising efforts.

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