Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Issue #26 - Behavior of Apparel Fabrics during Convective and Radiant Heating

This week is March Break in Canada. Springtime around the world is traditionally observed as a time of renewal. we hope you have an opportunity to engage in some needed spring cleaning such as catching up on some long-delayed project or chore at work or at home, or simply taking a few moments to take stock of your goals. However you plan to spend spring break, we wish you an enjoyable time and an opportunity to focus on yourself, family and friends. We would also like to take this opportunity to update you on arc flash news and ARCAD INC. solutions addressing the matter.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) recommended for arc flash is not always designed for arc flash exposure. The purpose of this paper and accompanying online calculator is to warn of the dangers posed by using the improper materials in arc flash exposures until standards have caught up on this issue. NFPA 70E allows flammable clothing with a fabric weight at least 4.5 oz/yd^2 ( > 0.16kg/m^2) to be worn when working on tasks stated low risk. Stating a task as low risk and allowing the use of apparel fabrics may lead to severe injuries and fatalities from clothing ignitions in arc flash incidents. The NFPA 70E based arc flash analysis fails to consider the variable nature of onset to second degree burn energy on bare skin. Also, there seem to be issues in NFPA 70E when the standard calculation procedure for determining arc flash boundaries allowing flammable clothing to be worn in situations that could result in ignition of the clothing.
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ARCAD INC. offers many options of custom printed arc flash labels. Our vinyl labels are 100% waterproof and are suitable for use on equipment that will be subjected to wet or humid environments. We use UV resistant paints that withstand the heavy wear and tear ordinarily inflicted by the Sun. Send us your data and we will create a free sample label accommodating your special requirements and send it to you for your approval along with job quotations.

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