Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the new DC Arc Flash Analytic software program.

ARCAD, INC. has introduced the new DC Arc Flash Analytic (DCAFA V1.0) software program for arc flash and shock hazard analysis in DC power systems including but not limited to photovoltaics, battery banks, rectifiers and telecommunications equipment.

The program takes system voltage, available short circuit current, gap between electrodes, circuit time constant, electrode material, protective device type and rating or a preset arc duration value, and determines incident energy released by arc flash, hazard risk category at working distance and flash protection boundary.

For systems with variable gap between electrodes, for example when gap is not fixed and distance between electrodes is anticipated to increase by separation of contacts, the program will examine power and energy released by an arc as a function of arcing voltage and current, arc duration, electrode materials and calculate maximum incident energy that could be released by the arc within two (2) seconds time interval. A person exposed to an arc flash will move away quickly if it is physically possible and two seconds is generally accepted as a reasonable maximum time for arc flash calculations.

Among various key capabilities, the DCAFA V1.0 performs analysis using metric or imperial units, saves input configurations and calculation results for future reference or printing, and generates customized arc flash warning labels in electronic formats.

More information about the product is available on this page: http://www.arcadvisor.com/arcflash/dc-arc-flash-calculator.html.


  1. I have heard this software is very good.I have not seen anything like it in australia. I am an electrician in forest lake.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. As the topic about this software is new to me..! Have a good day.

  3. I've also heard a little about this arc flash
    software. Thanks for posting the link - off to have a look now.