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Newsletter Issue #1 - Arc Flash Awareness


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Issue #1 - Arc Flash Awareness
Dear Lady or Gentleman,

The ARCAD, INC. Arc Flash Newsletter is a quick update on arc flash issues and the company solutions addressing these issues. This newsletter is free and will bring you up to date on the issues that surround arc flash. Visit us at for complete product offerings including free online arc flash, short circuit calculators, and PC-based software for arc flash hazard analysis and labelling.

About ARCAD, INC. products and services

ARCAD, INC. helps maintenance workers, business owners and employers to create safer working environments for individuals who service electrical systems by providing information about the importance of electrical and industrial safety, the dangers associated with an electrical arc flash, and On-Line and PC based software tools for Short Circuit and Arc Flash Hazard Analysis.

What causes an arc flash ?

An arc flash happens when electric current flows through air gaps between conductors. Insulation failure and accidents caused by touching a test probe to the wrong surface or slipped tool are the most common causes of an arcing fault. The fault current magnetic fields make conductors to separate producing an arc. In other words, arc flash is caused by uncontrolled conduction of electrical current from phase to ground, phase to neutral, and/or phase to phase accompanied by ionization of the surrounding air. The heat energy and intense light at the point of the arc is called arc flash.

Why should you be concerned about arc flash?

The primary reason to be concerned about arc flash is for the safety of the personnel. Short circuits and arc faults are very dangerous and potentially fatal to personnel. Exposure to an arc flash frequently results in a variety of serious injuries such as severe burns, damaged eyesight, ruptured eardrums, collapsed lungs and in some cases - death.


The number two reason to be concerned about arc flash hazards is liability and government regulations. OSHA regulations apply to every worker that may approach or be exposed to energized electrical equipment. Failure for an employer to conform and follow OSHA requirements can lead to employee injuries, fines, penalties, and expensive law suits.

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