Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ARCAD Newsletter Issue 2 - Short Circuit Analysis


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Short Circuit Analysis

Accuracy vs Precision

About MVA Method
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Issue #2 - Short Circuit Analysis
Dear Lady or Gentleman,

We're sending you this emailer to remind you of the ARCAD online solution for short circuit analysis. Typical PC-based commercial software has more interfaces and graphic content, which make them more appealing and expensive. ArcAd's on-line tool is user friendly and performs error propagation analysis - very important but widely ignored issue. For a nominal investment, its worth considering.

About ARCAD Online Short Circuit Calculator

We offer online tool for short circuit analysis. As we are aware, none of the competition offers similar services online. Advantages:

  • no need for software installation, no risk associated with virus threat
  • system can be accessed, operated, shared from anywhere, anytime, any platform connected to Internet and anybody with granted access
  • access to most recent services and updates
  • routine data backup

Error Propagation Analysis and Why is it Important ?

"If it can't be quantified, then it's not engineering, but only a guess"
Vern Lindberg
precision vs accuracy 
Error in science and engineering does not mean a mistake. It rather means inevitable uncertainty that happens because of empirical measurements and cannot be perfectly corrected. All measurements in practice and even in principle have some error associated with them; no measured quantity can be determined with infinite precision and zero deviation. Without proper error analysis, no valid scientific conclusions can be drawn. In fact, wrong results can happen if error analysis is ignored. 

About MVA Method for Short Circuit Analysis

The MVA method is a modification of the Ohmic method where the impedance of a circuit equals the sum of the impedances of components constituting the circuit. Using the admittances, it follows that the reciprocal of the system impedance is the sum of the reciprocals of the admittances of the components. By very definition, the circuit component admittance is the maximum current or KVA at unit voltage which would flow through the circuit or component to a short circuit or fault when supplied from a source of infinite capacity. In practice, the MVA method is used by separating the circuit into components and calculating each component with its own infinite bus.


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precision vs accuracy

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  1. Really good newsletter, tight with great copy. Hopefully this will go some ways to making more people aware of the benefits of the proper analysis.