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Issue #6 DCAFA v2.0 Beta Release

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DCAFA V2.0 Beta Release
About DCAFA V2.0
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Issue #6 DCAFA v2.0 Beta Release 
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DCAFA V2.0 BETA Has Been Released 
ARCAD, INC. announces beta release of DCAFA version 2.0 of DC ARC FLASH ANALYTIC software program for direct current (DC) arc flash, shock hazard analysis and labeling. We welcome all feedback and appreciate you sharing with us your experience working with the new program solution before the official DCAFA V2.0 release. We will attend to and implement the best of your suggestions. Also, we will offer a special discount to everyone who contributes their time and effort reviewing DCAFA V2.0 functions and capabilities, who is willing to share their observations with us and to those who help us in making DC-Arc-Flash-Analytic v2.0 a success story. 
About DCAFA v2.0 

DCAFA v2.0 takes system voltage, prospective short circuit current, gap between electrodes, circuit time constant, protective device type and rating, arc duration, working distance, equipment configuration and determines incident energy, hazard risk category and flash protection boundary.


For systems with fixed gap between electrodes, arcing current can be expressed as a function of the length of the gap and arcing voltage. Arcing voltage can be resolved as a function of arcing current, system voltage and the available fault current. DCAFA v2.0 calculates arcing current using the iterative method by cycling through the equations for arcing current and arcing voltage until the answers converge. Then, the software program will determine arc duration based on protective device time-current characteristics and circuit time-constant. Next, the program will calculate incident energy at working distance, arc flash boundary and determine hazard risk category.


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