Friday, July 20, 2012

Issue 7 - AFA v5.0 has been awarded a Certificate of Compiance

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AFA V5.0 Certificate of Compliance
DC Arc Flash Analysis
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Issue #7 - Certificate of Compliance for AFA v5.0 
Dear Michael,

Arc Flash Newsletter is a quick update on arc flash issues and ARCAD solutions addressing these issues. Visit us at for complete product offerings including free online arc flash calculator, and PC-based software solutions for arc flash and short circuit analysis and labeling.
AFA version 5.0 awarded with a Certificate of Compliance
ARCAD INC. is very pleased to announce that our AFA v5.0 software for arc flash analysis and labeling has been audited by a registered professional engineer in Ontario and confirmed to meet NEC, CEC code and IEEE P 1584, NFPA 70E, CSA Z462 standard requirements.

Download AFA V5.0 Certificate of Compliance (PDF)
How to perform arc flash analysis in DC power systems
Direct current (DC) arcing fault incident energy calculations are presented to assess the level of risk involved when working around high current DC apparatus. The proposed procedure allows evaluation of incident energy and arc flash boundaries, while taking into account as many circuit parameters as possible. These parameters include fixed or variable gap length, system voltage, available fault current, equipment configuration, circuit time constant and evaluated threshold energy for a second degree burn.

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DCAFA V2.0 BETA Has Been Released
ARCAD, INC. announces beta release of DCAFA version 2.0 of DC ARC FLASH ANALYTIC software program for direct current (DC) arc flash, shock hazard analysis and labeling. We welcome all feedback and appreciate you sharing with us your experience working with the new program solution before the official DCAFA V2.0 release. We will attend to and implement the best of your suggestions. Also, we will offer a special discount to everyone who contributes their time and effort reviewing DCAFA V2.0 functions and capabilities, who is willing to share their observations with us and to those who help us in making DC-Arc-Flash-Analytic v2.0 a success story.

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  1. This is a very useful resource on Arc Flash preventions and risk strategies from ARCAD, INC - I'm impressed. Needless to say I work in the last line of defense providing appropriate PPE provision in case all goes wrong but even so I would strongly advocate that complete strategies and guidelines are put in place and followed to fully minimise the risks.