Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Issue #30 - Fancy product design and custom label printing

We hope you had a great summer and fully used the chance to relax, spend time with your loved ones, and look forward to fall and winter ahead. Remember there is another summer next year, and you can work to make that one even bigger, better, and more fun than the last.

Here at ARCAD INC., we've been working hard during the summer time to offer you more products and services now in the Fall. We would like to express to you our sincere appreciation for your loyalty and take this opportunity to update you on new ARCAD INC. products and services.


Select the header that you want on the top of your label, or use your own header. Enter your text into the text areas below. Use a short phrase to describe the hazard and ideally, how to avoid the hazard. For example, "Moving Belts". You may like to complete both primary and secondary warning messages. Generally, use the primary message to indicate the necessary action to take so that you avoid the hazard (for example, "Keep Hands Free"). If possible, then indicate the nature of the hazard (for example, "Machinery may start at any time."). Use the secondary message to indicate the potential consequences if you do not avoid the hazard (for example, "You could be caught and be seriously injured.") and a telephone number to call in an emergency (for example, "Call x2015 for permission to work on this machinery."). You can save your designs, load previously saved design, download your customized label sign in electronic image or .pdf format and print it at no charge!


ARCAD INC. offers many options of custom printed arc flash labels. Send us your data and we will create a free sample label accommodating your special requirements and send it to you for your approval along with job quotations. ARCAD is also producing luminescent signs glowing in the dark and magnetic signs that can be be removed or shared among equipment and vehicles. Contact us for more information.


ARCAD INC. supplies are tested for durability under various conditions, including UV exposure, moisture, heating and cooling and chemical exposures. ARCAD INC. warranties labels made from its laminated vinyl supplies for a period of five (5) years. Non-laminated labels come with three (3) years warranty. It is important to note that in normal circumstances (moderate exposure to Sun shine, moderate temperature fluctuation etc.) ARCAD's labels will last for decades. Within the warranty period and after proper application, ARCAD INC. will replace labels which become unreadable or fail to maintain adhesion with the labeled surface. In such instance, ARCAD INC. will provide a one-time replacement labels to you.


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