Thursday, October 15, 2015

Issue #31 - Developments in Fault Current, Arc Flash Calculations and Labeling

Here at ARCAD INC, we are deeply thankful for your confidence and loyalty and extend to you our best wishes for a happy and healthy Canadian Thanksgiving Day. Peace, Joy and Love to You. We would also like to update you on the important developments and a SPECIAL offer we have for you.

ARCAD's Short Circuit Analytic version 1.0 (SCA V1.0) program voltage range has been extended down to 115V and up to 220,000V. Also, new voltage rating combo box has been added to cable data entry screen and maximum transformer KVA rating was increased to 20,000KVA. More information about the SCA V1.0 software for short circuit fault current calculations is available at

ARCAD's Arc Flash Analytic version 5.0 (AFA V5.0) arc flash analysis and labeling software has been updated to fully conform with new NFPA 70E year 2015 requirements for equipment labeling. The labels created using the modernized AFA V5.0 program are now containing all the information required by the new standard, namely:

* Nominal system voltage
* Arc flash boundary
* Available incident energy and the corresponding working distance
* Site-specific level of personal protective equipment (PPE)

More information about the AFA V5.0 software is available at

Both the AFA V5.0 and the SCA V1.0 software have also been code signed by use of a cryptographic hash confirming the software owner and warranting that the code has not been altered or corrupted since it was signed.

Now comes the special offer. Purchase $350+ merchandise value before taxes on our new online store at and receive FREE brand new Type 1 Surge Protection Device (SPD) priced above $200 on the market. The "TYPE 1" are permanently connected SPDs installed between the secondary service transformer and the line side of the service equipment overcurrent device as well as the load side, including watt-hour meter socket enclosures. The device characteristics are:

* Manufacturer Name & Part Number: Mersen STXR220V3Y50NDP
* System Description: 3 Pole Wye + N-G Mode
* Voltage, V AC: 220/380
* Max Discharge Current: 50KA
* Nominal Discharge Current: 20KA
* Short Circuit Current Rating: 200 kA
* Voltage Protection Rating: 2000V L-L, 1200V L-N, 1000V N-G, 1800V L-G
* Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage: 320V L-N
* Mounting: Din Rail / Panel / Bracket
* Operating Temp Range (Min/Max): -40 to +60C
* Body Material & Enclosure Rating: Polycarbonate NEMA 4X
* Standards: Type 1, UL 1449 Third Edition File VZCA. E210793 IEC 61643 CE ANSI/IEEE C62.41
* Applications: AC Distribution, Power Supplies, Drive Protection Fire, Alarms Control Panels, Telecommunications, Residential, IT / Data centers
* Pre-wired with 3 ft. (1m) of #10 AWG conductor; Standard NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure; Tri-mount installation kit included (pipe nipple, bracket, DIN-rail)
* Other Included Features: Dry contacts, audible alarm and diagnostics powered line to line
* Market Price: $200+

Check for the product spec sheet. Use "FALL 2015 SPECIAL" in the About Your Order comments box  during checkout.

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